About the creative sacrifice

Might we be able to create authentic reality merely with the strength of our imagination? To exist in it, accepting its complex set of rules, languid, rigid structure?
By all means. This is what we do every day.
The question is: might this system be credible if the energy generated at its birth was not credible?
No, as what is not credible is dead.
Is it possible that the realities that we accept and in which we exist are based on dead foundation?
Yes, if such anomalies emerge in which the higher consciousness of the structure evokes the creative act, through this the begotten order becomes the sacrifice of creation.
The manifested presence of the unconscious strength of faith.
Of the higher will that can only be grasped by the image of light. By the lack of the dark. And this lack, by time.

It’s nice to get to know you.
I am Aleks Malc, the founder of subjectivestudio. I create with light and time.