I was born in Lenigrad in 1978. We never really lived in there, as we moved to Hungary when I was very little, but every summer I would come back to Russia. I do not remember what my first picture was, but I am sure that I used my beloved grandfather’s camera. Kijev or Zenit, it was one of these. He used to do magical things with Svemafilm. I remember him developing film in the red lighted bathroom. Yes, the smell of the old chemicals. They are typical. And the process. During the university I have used my beloved father’s old Zenit camera. After, I did lot of digital experiments. I feel like, because I did a lot of oil paintings at that same time, I have decided that I prefer film as it felt more real and more me. The film is very close to my personality and I just love it. I am a Konica Hexar, and a Leica M user. I focus on landscapes, long exposure light paintings, and portraits – I feel like that is my passion.